Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seriously, people

Okay, first things first, I'm back! I got burned out on blogging for a while, but I think I'm ready to make a big comeback. Britney thought she was ready for a big comeback too, though, and we all saw how that's turned out.

Disclaimer: I quit smoking again. It's been 6 days, and so far, today has been the bitchyist.

Now, there have been some stories in the news recently that really pissed me off/boggled my mind. Let's get to it.

Principal charged with dealing crystal meth out of his office Seriously? I'm curious as to what made this man think this was a good idea.

Court: Bury Anna Nicole in the Bahamas Thank God they made the right decision. Her mother is an evil little woman who doesn't deserve the right to visit her daughter's grave when ever she pleases. I'm glad that if she wants to, it will be a major inconvenience for her. That's what she gets for being a media whore in the wake of her grandson's and daughter's death.

American Idol: It's Official - "Porn Idol" Antonella Is Safe Frenchie Davis should sue American Idol for discrimination. They kicked her off for just having topless photos. In the pictures of Antonella, she is performing a sex act. It's just not right.

Katherine Heigl Not Feeling Grey's Love This cast needs to band together like the cast of friends did when negotiating contracts. Everyone on Grey's Anatomy is equally as important to the series, and should be paid equally.

Sorority Accused of Being Skin Deep 23 girls were asked to leave sorority. "They included every woman who was overweight as well as the only black, Korean and Vietnamese members." I don't even know what to say about this, which comes out the same day as this:
Study: Vanity on the rise among college students Well, no wonder, apparently you have to be white, blond, and thin to succeed.

Also, I want to send a shout out to Jennifer Hudson for winning an Oscar for best supporting actress without being white, blond, or thin. Congrats, J. Hud.

That is all.