Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm sad

We found out around Thanksgiving that my great aunt's longtime boyfriend had a cancerous growth. That's the "bad thing" that I was referring to here. It's going to kill him. Not very long after that we found out that my (same) great aunt's daughter has lung cancer. She's dying right now. She could have died already; I asked them not to call me with any news until after I get off work tonight. She smoked for many many years. She successfully quit smoking just a few months before she was diagnosed. You'd think that would be good motivation for me to quit smoking, but it hasn't worked yet. Anyway, I'm feeling very alone right now. I want to be with my family right now. I need their support. I've got a couple of relatives here, but because of my weird hours, I don't see them very often, and they're in bed when I get off work, so I don't want to bug them. It's times like this that I really miss my dad. There are certain things that only a hug from my daddy will make better, and this is one of them. *(Dad, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, and I don't want you to feel bad, but that's just how I'm feeling.)* Anyway, hope your day is going better than mine.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Again, seriously?

"Teacher had sex with 5 teens, police say" is the title of the article linked above. Again, I don't understand the thought process that would lead a middle school teacher to believe that it would be a good idea to have sex with 14-15 year old students. Does she not watch the news? She's pretty young, does she not remember what it was like when she was in high school and all the guys were talking on Monday morning about the chick they nailed over the weekend? Does she not listen to any of the conversation going on in the halls of her school? 14-15 year old boys kiss and tell. They're boys, that's what they do, ESPECIALLY if they just nailed the teacher! I just don't get it.