Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My new bangs

I've been having a lot of problems with my bangs lately. They've been parting, even though I put a lot of effort into making them not part, so I decided I wanted to do something different with them. I decided this right before I watched a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives, DooL for you hardcore fans. I was watching, and everyone on there had such pretty bangs that hung just right, and parted where they were supposed to, and didn't part when they weren't supposed to, just pretty perfect bangs. Kate and Marlena in particular. The only problem I had with their bangs was that they hung in their eyes. That's easy to fix, I'd just cut mine a little shorter than theirs. After 3 hours of DooL, I got out my scissors, went to the bathroom mirror, and voila, I now have soap opera bangs. They're beautiful! I love my soap opera bangs. I want to thank the lovely people at DooL for great bang inspiration. They rock!

And now, on a totally unrelated note, I went to lunch with my friend Sarah today, and dripped soy sauce on my shirt. Sarah has ADD, she's super exciting to hang out with. She told me when Sharon drops her lunch on her shirt, she puts her (magnetic) name tag over the spot. I've had my name tag centered directly between my boobies* since I got back from lunch.

For those of you lurkers(Dad, Leslie)who don't post comments, since I changed the template I got a new comments host, so you're not required to have a blogger account to comment any more, so if you really love me, you'll start commenting. Cause, you know, as a blogger, my self-worth totally revolves around how many comments I get. *wink, wink* Why do you hate me?***

*Blogger's** spell checker didn't recognize boobs as a word, but it did boobies, so I changed it to boobies.

**It also doesn't recognize Blogger's or blog as words even though it's a frickin' blog host. How crazy is that?

***Leslie, I threw that in special just for you, so comment about it already!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Where there is no imagination...

I've been chewing on one of the quotes I posted for you to chew on:

"Where there is no imagination, there is no horror." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I've been defending myself with this quote since before I knew it was a quote by someone. I don't like scary movies. I don't watch them because I know they're going to freak me out. Here's a short list of "scary" movies that have caused sleepless nights/nightmares/sleeping with the light on:
The Blair Witch Project
The Sixth Sense - didn't sleep for a week after this one.
Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Anyway, I've been claiming for years that I think horror movies scare me so bad because of my vivid imagination. I'll explain.

The Blair Witch Project -*spoiler*-if you haven't seen it, and plan on watching it, skip this paragraph - Remember at the end when Heather is in the house, and she goes down stairs looking for her friend, and he's standing/hovering in the corner? That guy standing in the corner is what I saw every time I closed my eyes. It immediately induced a great feeling of panic. The panic was worst in enclosed places, like the shower. I'm known in my family for taking really long showers(because you're not clean until the hot water runs out), but for a few weeks after this movie, I was in and out in under 5 minutes. I couldn't sleep in my bed because my window was at the top of the stairs leading to our apartment. I slept on the couch until after we moved out of that apartment. I was living with Sean and Karissa at the time, and Karissa, with her super warped sense of humor(which I totally love about her), got great joy from f-ing with me during this time.

The Sixth Sense -*spoiler*-if you haven't seen it, and plan on watching it, skip this paragraph - Remember the little girl ghost played by Mischa Barton, the one who's mom poisoned her, and was poisoning her little sister? K, remember when she reached out from under the bed, and scared the crap out of Cole? So, I sleep in an antique wrought iron bed that sits really high up off the floor. After seeing this movie, to get into bed, I would stand in my bedroom doorway and literally leap onto the bed so that nothing could reach out and get me. I think Sean and Karissa may be the only people that knew that, if I even ever told them. Anyway, so I'd leap into bed, with the light on, and lay in bed awake freaking out all night long. I didn't like walking down my hallway because I was afraid I was going to see the kid that wanted to show Cole his dad's gun. 2 days after I saw it, my friend Trisha had a baby, so I went and sat up all night at the hospital playing with the baby and keeping her company since I couldn't sleep anyway. That baby, Raini, is 6 now, and I still have a stronger bond with him than anyone else. That's the one good thing that came out of seeing this movie.

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan - I lived a pretty sheltered life when I was younger, and this was my first scary movie. I was 13 at the oldest the first time I saw this one. My best friend lived across the street, and it was the first time I stayed the night at her house. So we watched it, then went to bed on the pull-out in her den. Every time I saw a shadow, I knew Jason was coming to get me. At one point, I opened my eyes and thought I saw Jason standing in the doorway. I wanted to go home so bad that night, but I didn't want to tell my parents I had watched a scary movie and was freaking out, so I toughed it out, but I didn't get much sleep that night.

I also remember one time when I was in the second or third grade a story teller came to our school and told a really good detailed story about a panther scratching through the roof of a woodsman's cabin. I slept in Sean's bedroom floor for 2 weeks after that. My mom went to the school, there was a meeting with the principal, and at that young I felt so much shame for being so scared by a silly little story.

Anyway, if you ever ask me to a scary movie, and I decline, these are my reasons why.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blah blah blah

I'm having a pretty bad case of the blahs today. I'm tired, the weather is kind of gloomy, and I'm just not in the mood to be out of bed. There's a really good book, The Cider House Rules, sitting on my bedside table calling my name. I don't usually spend much time at home on the weekends, but I think this weekend I'm going to class, and that's it. I think my mood will improve greatly if I just have some me time at home.

My youngest cousin turns 18 tomorrow. That makes me feel old. His older sister, who got married over the Christmas break found out that she's having a girl. Her name will be Madison Abigail. It'll be nice to have a new baby to play with.

Here are some quotes for your brain to chew on for a little while:

"Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair." - George Burns

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." - Peter Ustinov

"If there's one thing I know it's God does love a good joke." - Hugh Elliott

"America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week." - Evan Esar

"Where there is no imagination, there is no horror." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh." - W.H. Auden

And on that note, I bid you farewell for today. Hope you have a good one.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The New Look

I was getting really bored with the way things were looking around here. I decided it was time for a new look. I'm gaining some a little popularity, and didn't want to use a basic blogger ready-made template anymore. I Googled blog templates to see what I could come up with. There were some really good ones at blogskins. The pink look that was up over the weekend is one that I got from there. After I started messing around with it a little bit, I realized that it was made using Frontpage, and I could probably make one on my own if I set my mind to it. I started playing around, and after not very long, this is the look I came up with. Let me know what you think of it. Is it better, or worse than it was before?

Also, I'm using a new comments host, so all of my old comments disappeared. :( I'm in the process of trying to find a way to recover those.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I'm thinking about changing the look of things around here. If anyone knows a good place to get free templates, please hit that little link below that says comments. Thanks. :)
And, if you stop by, and things look f-ed up, that's probably why. I'm working on it.

Ed: I'm working on it again. Comments should be back shortly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My friend Heather

My friend Heather is one of my favorite people in the world. She's not number 1, but she's definitely in the top 5.

Sidenote: If you don't have a Heather friend, you should go out and get one. Some of the most fun I've had in my life has been with Heathers.
She used to work here, and we hung out and talked all the time, but she got a new job with regular hours So she's usually in bed when I get off work, and we don't get to talk very often. Anyway, my friend Heather called me tonight. She's coming by pretty soon, and I'm so excited. Even though we go months without seeing each other, when we do, it's like we haven't missed a beat. It's so hard to find friends like that; it's hard for me to make friends anyway because I'm cripplingly shy around new people. I used to get stressed out when we'd go long periods without talking, but now I'm totally cool with it. She knows I'm here for her, I know she's there for me, it just works for us. This:
A good friend will bail you out of jail, but your best friend will be the one sitting next to you saying “That was fucking awesome!”
is the kind of relationship Heather and I have. It rocks. I mean it, if you don't have one, go out and get yourself a Heather today.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stuff on my cat

Well, not my cat personally, but this is hilarious, check it out.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The puppies and some other stuff

The puppies are like 4 or 5 weeks old now. They're really cute with their eyes open and running around and growling and barking at each other. I think the girls are all spoken for, but if you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a CKC registered male dachshund, we have a short hair and a dapple long hair available.

Classes start today. I'm taking Intro to Library Technical Assistant and US History since 1877. The library class is an internet class, and the history is a telecourse, so I won't be required to actually go to any classes, which works great for me. I'm thinking about enrolling in another class, but I haven't decided what yet. Because I waited until the last minute to enroll, none of the classes I wanted were available. I've learned my lesson, and will enroll early from now on.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Don't forget, a new episode of Lost airs tonight. :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back to the Grind

Hello, and welcome to my Thursday. I had to come back to work on Tuesday, but I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning, and she gave me a note to get me out of work for the rest of the day. Classes start next Wednesday, and I know that I need to enroll, but for some reason, I just can't get myself to do it. I'm going to have to though if I ever intend to get out of this dead end job. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, my boss, and the people that I work with, and it's only a dead end job because of my education level. Hell, I gotta go, I just talked myself into going to enroll.

Have a nice day.