Thursday, May 10, 2007

My funny story

So, a couple of weeks ago I went on a "date" with a guy who works here. Here's the set up. I don't date a lot, and I, like most women, usually go for bad guys. That hasn't been working for me, so I decide to change my game. This guy is a super nerd. He's 24, still lives at home, and doesn't even have a driver's license. Before I knew that, I emailed one of my friends who works in the same department as him and asked her to tell me about him. Well, she didn't, she just told him I asked about him. The day after I sent the email, I asked another friend in his department about him, and she told me he lived at home, was 24 & didn't have a license. She also told me I would have to teach him everything. I decided at that point that I was no longer interested. Well, a couple of days later he came looking for me, and he was so nervous he could hardly talk. I told him to give me his number and I'd call him, with no intention to call him. He asked if I wanted to go to lunch the next day, and I said yes, then someone in my family died, and I told him I just wasn't feeling it that day, I'd call him to set something up. That next day, he called me 4 times, and text messaged me at 2 o'clock in the morning. I thought that was kind of freaky, but he was just eager, so I blew it off. We made plans to go to the zoo the next Saturday. I picked him up (strike one) at his momma's house (strike two). On the 30 minute drive to the zoo, the conversation was not good (strike three), and I realized it definitely wasn't going to work out. The zoo was super crowded, so I suggested that we go to a movie so at least it would count as a date, and I wouldn't have to talk to him anymore. Well, we got to the theatre, and it was going to be a while before anything started, so I suggested that we come back to our little town, and find something to do here, knowing damn well that I was taking him home. I didn't tell him I was taking him home until we were about a block from his house. I said I didn't think it was going to work, and I was taking him home. He asked why, and I said it just wasn't going to work. He asked if it was because he was so young, and I just said yes to shut him up. We pulled into the driveway, he got out of the car, and started asking what it was, was I nervous, what, and GOT BACK IN THE CAR! I told him I wasn't having a good time, and just wanted to go, so he got out, and I left. I've seen him around a couple of times, but I haven't made any eye contact with him, and he also seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me.
Now to today. It was pouring rain, and I was outside smoking with a friend. We were standing under the overhang, where it was dry. I saw the guy and another person from his department coming. The other person from his department walked under the overhang where it was dry, but the guy totally walked through the rain so he wouldn't have to walk right past me. It cracked me up. I'm still laughing about it, and telling everyone I know. I hope he didn't think him walking through the rain would hurt me in any way, cause he was wet, and I was totally still dry. What a dumb ass!