Thursday, January 20, 2005

If you see me today, I would advise turning and running the other way. I'm not being very pleasant.

I work in a library. Libraries are known for being quiet places. Students come to my library for a quiet place to study and do their homework. These same students have the loudest most obnoxious cell phone rings. We have signs posted EVERYWHERE saying please turn off your cell phone in the library. Now, I don't really expect people to turn their phones all the way off, but they should turn their ringers off. I shouldn't have to constantly be telling people, "Please turn off your ringer,""You can't talk on that in here," etc. Also, when I tell them these things, they shouldn't look at, or talk to me like I'm a bitch. They are the fucking bitches who are completely disregarding other people's need for a quiet library. The world does not revolve around them! These people are college students, they should be able to read the signs and follow instructions.

If you are a person who talks on their cell phone or lets it ring in the library, please stop. It is very frustrating to the library employees, and may cause some sweet librarians brain to hemorrhage and them bleed to death because they just can't take it anymore.