Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Vacation

I'm back from my vacation. Here's how it went:

Saturday, November 19—I flew into Sacramento, and was picked up by Leona, my aunt, and Brenda, my dad's girlfriend. We met up with Dad and had dinner at Perko’s in Modesto, rode home from there with Dad.

Sunday, November 20—I went to church with Dad & Brenda. Trevor played guitar,Granny played organ. This is Dad, Granny, & I after church.
We had lunch at Tequila mexican restaurant. It was really good. Granny lectured me for throwing down my cigarette butt. I picked it up, and didn't throw another one on the ground for the rest of the trip.

Monday, November 21—I went to see Harry Potter with cousin Cheri, Erica, Alexis, (my cousin Leslie's stepdaughters) & Leona. We also went to see Leslie’s gas station in Snelling. We then ate at In & Out Burger. I love In & Out. They have awesome burgers.

Tuesday, November 22—I went to Jaymes’ (cousin Leslie's son) school program with Cheri. They told a story about the Gingerbread man, then we all got to make Gingerbread men. Granny, Aunt Carolyn, Leslie and her husband Marty, Erica, and Alexis were there also. Cheri and I then met Dad at Maria’s Tacos for lunch. After that Cheri & I went shopping, then I made pies with Brenda with a little help from Dad before he had to go to work.

Wednesday, November 23— I went to Yosemite with Dad; we ate lunch at the lodge. Here are some more pictures from Yosemite. We got Jamba Juice on the way home. Cierra got home from school for the holiday.

Thursday, November 24—Went to Randy(Brenda's brother) & Donna’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Donna’s relatives, Bill & Judy, Steve(Trevor & Cierra's dad),
Trevor & Cierra, Dad & Brenda were all there. Randy licked my hand when we left.
Then we went to Leslie’s afterwards. Leslie, Marty, Erica, Alexis,
Jaymes, Marcus,
Uncle John, Granny, Leona & Brenda, Cheri, (she's not really retarded, she just looks that way in this picture) & Dad were there, as well as Marty’s relatives. I stayed the night there with Cheri & Leslie.

Friday, November 25—Leslie & Cheri got up early & went shopping. I slept a little later, and then Cheri, Leona, Dad, & I went to a craft fair in Sonora. I bought a tie dyed t-shirt. We went to William’s 18th birthday party at McDonald’s.
Bill & Judy were there too.

Saturday, November 26—Cierra went back to school.

Sunday, November 27—It was my birthday. I didn’t go to church because I had to fix my hair. There was a fabulous party for my birthday. Dad, Brenda, Trevor, Granny, Leona, Cheri, John, Carolyn, Leslie, Jaymes, Erica, Alexis, Bill, Judy, and Cousin Larry came. I got lots of great presents. Here are some pictures:
Brenda, Leona, & Cheri cooking.

Cousin Larry & Uncle John. Me, Cheri & Erica. Me.
Leona & John.
Cousin Larry & Dad.
Leslie & Jaymes.
Mississippi Mud cake made special for my birthday by my dad.
Cheri & Brenda.
Cheri, John & Leslie.
I took a picture of Cheri taking a picture of me.
The table. I picked out the Strawberry Shortcake table cloth.
This is the watch Bill & Judy gave me. I really like it a lot.
Me & my daddy.
I gave Granny the shawl I made her. There was drinking. After the party, Dad, Brenda, Leona, Cheri & I played dice.

Monday, November 28—Cheri, Leona, & I picked Cierra up at school and went to San Francisco. We ate lunch at the Rainforest Café.

We walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.

We were leaving San Francisco in rush hour traffic; it took us 1hr & ½ to get out of the city. We dropped Cierra off at school & had dinner at Red Robin’s (maybe in Turlock).

Tuesday, November 29—I laid around and did nothing most of the day, picked Trevor up from school and Brenda up from work. I got a new tattoo.

Wednesday, November 30—Leona, Cheri & Dad took me to the airport. We ate lunch at In & Out. I got burger down the front of my shirt, so Dad bought me a new In & Out t-shirt. We stopped at Delicato and picked up a bottle of Almond Champagne for Leslie, then went to the airport. Leaving Dad at Security was really hard. I lost $15 on the slots at the Vegas Airport.