Thursday, September 21, 2006


Since I've quit smoking, the things that annoy me are annoying me even more. I try to keep these annoyances to myself so people don't realize how controlling, bitchy, hypocritical and anal I really am, but right now I'm about to burst. My biggest annoyance right now is my mother. She's driving me insane. I'll be out and about doing my thing, and she'll call me and tell me to come home and do some stupid shit that, if it's that important, she can do herself. Oh, that's right, I said tell. It would be different if she asked me in a nice way to do whatever super mega important thing that has to be done right then, but no, she TELLS me. I have never handled being told to do something very well. I am independent and rebellious, and you'll get way better results by asking. Telling will only insure that it's going to be a long time before what you want done actually gets done. Also, she doesn't pick up after herself (or her damn dogs) at all. This is where the hypocritical comes in, because I'm not good at picking up after myself, but at least I try. When I get home at night, she's usually been home for 5-9 hours, usually sitting in her room playing computer games, while the dogs (5 of them) have been running amok in the house. They get into the trash, they chew stuff up into shreds, and the boy dogs pee on everything in sight. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING that's mine. They don't pee on her stuff, so it's not a problem, right? Wrong! I've almost decided that I'm going to start peeing on her things and blaming it on the dogs so she'll realize what a big problem it is. What makes me maddest is when she takes my clothes out of the dryer and just throws them on the couch. Every time she does it, my clean clothes get peed on and I have to rewash that load of laundry. When I take her clothes out of the dryer, I usually fold them and put them on her bed. How hard would it be for her to do that? Seriously!