Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday!

Things are getting better in my neck of the woods. How are things in yours? I started sleeping at my house again Thursday night. I'm having a little trouble falling asleep. I don't like not being able to see what's there when my eyes are closed. Probably 5 or 6 times a night, just as I'm dozing off, I jerk back awake. It really is getting better though. I took my cats to the animal shelter on Friday. Since I haven't been home that much the last couple of weeks, they started going potty everywhere, and Friday morning I caught Colby peeing on my bed. That was the last straw. The guy at the shelter said since they are declawed and friendly they will probably be adopted quickly, so I'm okay with it. Saturday I went to a friend's retirement party. It was so much fun. Saturday night, Heather and I went to Holdenville and got her a Wii. It is AWESOME! The last 2 days I've gone over there on my lunch hour and played it. I just can't get enough. And let me tell you, it is a work out. My arms are sore. Also, Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ are the greatest chips ever. That is all.