Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh happy day!

Reasons today, October 12, 2005 is a wonderful day:
>You can finally buy lottery tickets in the state of Oklahoma.
>Freddie Prinze Jr.'s new sitcom "Freddie" starts tonight.

I LOVE scratch lottery tickets. They're so much fun. I do not love that 7-11 isn't participating in the selling of lottery tickets. I was, however, able to compile a list of places in Midwest City that DO sell lottery tickets. This list was made possible by the way too expensive Microsoft Access class that I am taking. I may try to figure out how to post it for those of you who live in Midwest City.

I also LOVE Freddie Prinze Jr. Most of the time I refer to him as my future husband. I also refer to Sarah Michelle Gellar as my future husband's future ex-wife. :) I'm pretty sure that "Freddie" is going to be crap, but since I love Freddie, I'm going to watch it until it gets cancelled. You should too. For me. Please.

Have a nice day!