Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is post version 2.0 for today. I just spent 20 minutes writing up a really good post, and as I was about to post it, my computer froze up. I'll try to recreate it to the best of my ability.

So, I suffered another reality TV disappointment last night. On The Bachelor, bachelor Charlie didn't choose the girl that I wanted him to choose. I wanted him to chose Krisily, but he chose Sarah instead. He said something that confirmed a suspicion I have had for a long time about the way men like to be treated. Charlie's friend said that Sarah was controlling, and Charlie said that he likes letting her control him. This is a concept that I just can't grasp. I am an independent person, and don't like being controlled. I in turn feel it unnecessary to try to control potential mates. A romantic relationship is supposed to be 50/50, give and take, so I don't understand how that formula can hold true if one person is being the boss.

(just saved, so I wouldn't lose that paragraph:))

The other disappointment came from Survivor. I really wanted Ian to win this Survivor, and he came pretty damn close. Ian quit the final immunity challenge with the condition that if he quit Tom would take Katie to the final 2 and not him. I don't understand how after surviving for 38 days, 1 day short of the end someone would decide to give the prize away. I know, honor, friendship, integrity, blah blah blah. Are those things going to pay you $1 million? NO!!!!

(just saved again; learned my lesson)

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