Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Favorite Game on the Internet

I love eBay. It's by far my favorite game on the internet. It's always so fun to win, even if what I'm bidding on is total crap, and believe me I have bought quite a bit of crap. I've been playing most of the day today. I used to impulse bid on a lot of stuff, but I've gotten better at putting it in my watch items. That way I don't actually spend money, but if I really want it, I can go back to it.
Today I bought some soap making stuff. If you've never made soap, you should try it. It's one of my less expensive, and most relaxing hobbies. You can get a 2lb. bag of soap cubes at Hobby Lobby for $5.99-$6.49 depending on the kind, and molds that make 4-6 bars per tray in the $2.47 range. It's so easy to do too. You just melt the cubes in the microwave, add some fragrance & some color, and pour it into the mold. 45 min-1 hr later, you have soap. The clean up is really easy too since it's soap. If it hardens on anything you don't want it to, you just have to run water on it & it goes away.
Anyway, back to what I bought on eBay. I got a 1 lb brick of soap for $2.75, which ended up costing me $7.05 with shipping, go figure. I also got 2 soap molds; one is peace signs and smiley faces and the other is dragonflies and ladybugs. They were a little more expensive than the ones at Hobby Lobby, but I was at Hobby Lobby today and they didn't have them. I did get a mold at Hobby Lobby that has shoes and purses.
I can't wait to get home tonight. I'm so going to make soap after I cut Mom's hair, unless I can get out of cutting Mom's hair; then I'll just make soap.

Movie recommendation of the day: Dick starring Kirsten Dunst & that girl that played Jen on Dawson's Creek. It's a hilarious satire on the whole Watergate scandal.