Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm so sad

A friend of mine who used to work here just came by to say goodbye. He's going to boot camp. He joined the Marines. I know it's an honorable thing to do, defending our country and all, but seriously, he's way to pretty to be coming home in a body bag. I asked him why he did it; he said they were going to give him $100,000 for college. I told him yeah, if he comes back.
My best friend Jimbo is also a Marine. He spent a year in Iraq, and came home safely, then he volunteered to go back for another year. Boys can be so stupid! Everytime CNN says there are casualties, my heart stops until I check the casualties list to make sure his name isn't on it. Now I have another name I'm going to have to look for.
Please, pray for my boys.