Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I've been tagged!

Brian tagged me.
It's the first time I've been blog tagged. I'm a little excited about it. I feel so special!

10 Years Ago Today
I had just graduated from high school and moved into my first apartment with my best friend. I had just quit my job at the local movie theatre and started working for a pest control company owned by one of the deacons at my church. I had about 9 weeks of cosmetology school to go before I was finished. It was a great time.

5 Years Ago
I had just decided that I didn't want to do hair anymore and was in the process of finding a horrid better job. My grandma's husband had either just died or was about to die, and my sister & I drove to California in 24 hours for his funeral.

1 Year Ago
I was doing the exact same thing I'm doing now--working at the library living with my momma. It's been a pretty boring year.

I slept until noon, the Brion came over and we watched last week's Six Feet Under & Entourage, the Survivor 1 finale, Starved, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and this week's Six Feet Under & Entourage. I cooked spaghetti for dinner. Brion tricked me into convinced me to cut his hair, and I convinced him to do the dishes. I figure it was a fair trade.

I'm working 8-5, watching Survivor: Australia & Big Brother, and hopefully going to bed early.

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Cookies
2. Snickers
3. Popcorn
4. Yogurt
5. Pringles

5 Bands/Artists That I Know The Lyrics to Most of Their Songs
1. Motley Crue
2. Guns 'n' Roses
3. Cyndi Lauper
4. Kelly Clarkson
5. Cher

5 Things I Would Do With $100,000,000
1. Buy a tour bus.
2. Go on a roller coaster tour of the US.
3. Buy my momma a house.
4. Buy myself a house in LA & Australia.
5. Make friends with celebrities.

5 Locations I'd Like To Run Away To
1. Amsterdam
2. San Francisco
3. Australia
4. Brazil
5. Canada

5 Habits I Have
1. Procrastinating
2. Smoking
3. Driving too fast.
4. Playing with my hair.
5. Oversleeping

5 Things I Like Doing
1. Making whoopee! :)
2. Smoking herb.
3. Watching TV.
4. Sleeping
5. Reading

5 Things I Would Never Wear
1. A military uniform
2. A cowboy hat
3. Low-ride jeans
4. A bikini
5. A poncho

5 TV Shows I Like
1. Survivor
2. Will & Grace
3. Big Brother
4. CSI
5. ER

5 Movies I Like
1. The Princess Bride
2. Napoleon Dynamite
3. Bring It On
4. The Butterfly Effect
5. Office Space

5 Famous People I'd Like To Meet
1. Cher
2. Rosie O'Donnell
3. Cyndi Lauper
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Colby Donaldson

5 Biggest Joys At The Moment
1. My family
2. My cats
3. My Brion
4. My God kids
5. My car

5 Favorite Toys
1. My original Nintendo
2. My satellite/TV
3. My cell phone
4. My knitting needles
5. internet

5 3 Lucky People!
1. Monty
2. Somu
3. Jeff