Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thrift Shopping

I took the afternoon off work yesterday and went thrift store shopping with Brion. It was so much fun. The first thrift store we went to was full of crap, so we didn't buy anything there. We went to the Goodwill Store next, and I got lavendar platform flip flops, a pair for me & a pair for my mom. They were only 99 cents, and they were brand new with the tags still on them. They are so comfortable that I wore them today even though I don't own anything that matches them. I also got a portable hood dryer for $2.00. It's going to make my at home beauty shopping so much easier. Now when I give highlights I don't have to stand over the person moving the blowdryer around their head until their finished. I can just stick them under the dryer and forget about it. Yay!

Random tip: The Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen on TV. You should totally watch it if you get a chance.