Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy Tuesday

Hey everybody! Here's what's been going on in Amandaland today:
I walked all the way across campus in the 90 degree heat to get a new ID card, and when I got there, I found out that the machine was broken.
I applied for a better paying job here in the library.
I'm bored, so I'm leaving work an hour early.
I spent an hour curling my hair this morning. It looks really cute.
The Big Brother finale is on tonight. I'm watching it when I get home.
I watched How I Met Your Mother last night. It was pretty funny.
I have a 99% in my class. It's so mind numbingly easy.
I found a new blog, Pink is the new Blog, which apparently the whole world already knew about except for me. It has great celeb pics and gossipy stuff.

I think that's all for today. I'm going home now.
Have a nice day!