Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some Unconquerable Thoughts

The stress I feel is overwhelming.
It comes in droves.
I can't escape it.
I feel so alone.
Make the madness stop.
I cry for help, solace,
Rest, happiness, an escape.
It never comes.
Stop the insanity!
Friends come and go,
but are any of them truely friends?
My name means worthy of love,
but am I, really?
Where's the proof?
Where's the love?
Who would care?
If I weren't here?
Do I make a difference?
Have I really touched anyone?
What is the price
Of a peaceful existence?
I couldn't afford it anyway.
They say ignorance is bliss.
Why did God make me so smart?
My brain
Is like a runaway train.
There is no stopping, slowing, braking,
Just an inevitable crash.
When will it come?
Is there a set date?
Why must I wait?