Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have a new guilty pleasure

It's Dawson's Creek. I never watched it when it was originally on, but I started DVRing it to see what it was all about. I mainlined 4 episodes last night, and there was so much drama that I had to stop knitting and actually watch what was going on. I missed the first 3 episodes of the first season, but oh well. And talk about drama! Pacey slept with his English teacher...Joey's sister had a mixed baby (which isn't a big deal to me, but apparently is to Jen's Gram), in Dawson's den...Dawson's mom had an affair with her co-anchor...Joey's mom is dead & her dad is in prison (but that's still no reason for her to be so antagonistic toward Jen) wonder these teens have angst! How did I not watch this when it was on?
The last episode I watched was the "Breakfast Club" episode. I've got to say they portrayed the librarian in a very negative light. Anyway, the gang, and some random girl were in Saturday detention, and Dawson said how "Breakfast Club" it all was, and how the stars basically disappeared into obscurity. Then, Pacey says,"Emilio Estevez, he was in those duck movies, remember. Those were classics, so funny." Then everyone just blankly starred at him. Hilarious! If you don't know, that's funny because Joshua Jackson basically got his start in the Mighty Ducks movies.

Yeah, so Dawson's Creek airs on TBS at 9/8AM. Check your local listings. It's totally worth it.

Also, my dad is going to be here in 18 days! I'm so excited!!!