Monday, February 13, 2006

I had a yucky week

I had a really bad week last week. I was cranky and mean, and I hated EVERYTHING! I had a fabulous weekend, though, and I'm feeling much better now. On Friday I went to my Grandma's house and stayed the night. It was great. There's no feeling like saying the night at Grandma's house. When I stay there, I try not to be a burdon, but she loves nurturing people! 5 times she asked me what I wanted for breakfast. And 5 times I told her I don't eat breakfast. Especially not at 10 in the morning. After I get to work at 2 I usually grab a bag of chips and a DP from the vending machine, but never anything breakfasty. Sean yelled at me, he was like, "Dumbass! Grandma will make you french toast!" Yeah, I know.
Leslie came over with Mason and Paige. They're so cute, and rotten! Some people came over to look at the puppies. They had a little boy with them that was probably 7 or 8. Mason, 3, walked right up to him and head butted him. Insane!
For lunch Grandma got us KFC. I think baby Paige ate more than the rest of us did. All of her chicken that she ate was the skin, in one bite. She chowed down on some mashed potatoes though.
I ended up selling the last 3 puppies to a little pet store in Bartlesville. It seemed like a good pet store that really cared about it's animals.
Saturday night we went out for Karissa's birthday. It was off the hook. I was sober most of the night, which is not a role I usually play, but after new year's, I'm a little scared to drink again. I did learn that I don't have to be drunk to act like Drunk Amanda though. I'm pretty sure all of Karissa's friends who had a camera with them that night have a picture of my cleavage.