Monday, February 06, 2006

The Wonders of Television

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I'm addicted to television. I love my TV, everything about it is awesome. I have a DVR, so I can pause live TV, rewind, record, all that stuff. This last week has been a wonderful week for television. Let's get started.

ER - James Woods(not my favorite actor) guest starred as a patient/professor suffering from ALS. It was a very poignant episode; it made me cry.

Survivor: Panama-Exile Island - A new season of Survivor has begun. This season they started with 4 tribes: younger guys, younger girls, older guys & older girls. Every week one of the Survivors is sent to "Exile Island" where they have to spend a couple of days all alone on the scary island. There is a hidden immunity idol on the island though, and whoever finds it can use it at any time. I play a fantasy Survivor game, and 2 of my team members are on the younger girl tribe, so I want them to do well, other than that, I don't care. The older women lost the first immunity challenge, and had to vote out the first member. They voted out Tina, probably the biggest mistake they could have made. Tina was kind of nutty, but she was really strong, and contributed more than her share at camp. The 3 remaining members are going to have to work a lot harder now that she's gone.

Superbowl XL - I recorded it because I had to work until 8 o'clock last night. I fast forwarded through the game, and watched the commercials. The highlight for me was the Leonard Nemoy Aleve commercial. It was really cute. I also liked the Sprint/Nextel commercial where the guys couch caught on fire, and he had a song for that too. I tried to watch the half-time show, but, Stones fans forgive me, The Stones are really old and twitchy. I wasn't impressed at all.

Oprah - Susan Saint James and her husband Dick Ebersol talked about losing their youngest son in a plane crash. It was very sad, but their other son Charlie was super hot.

Tonight: Skating with Celebrities, The King of Queens, & How I Met Your Mother


This weekend was the last weekend of my Government class. I went Friday, got 100/110 on my test, and didn't go to the last class on Saturday. I'm still pretty sure I pulled out an A.

Friday my aunt Terri went to the hospital. They thought she was having a heart attack. It must not have been that serious, because they sent her home already. I do know that they are going to perform some more tests, though.

I think that's all for now. Have a nice day.