Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I'm feeling very lazy today, so here's what you get:

Visit Librarian Pirate. She has a Green Tea Cheesecake with Peach Raspberry Macedoine recipe that looks scrumptious.

Random Good Stuff has an awesome video you MUST check out. Have your Kleenex® ready.

Postsecret has some good secrets today. The tennis one cracked me up a little bit.

I added some links to the blogs I read. One of them is Bad Hair Day. She has a funny post about K-Fed's new dreads.

Dan has a story about paratroopers being court-martialed or discharged for having sex for money. Naughty naughty boys.

Karissa has some adorable pictures of my brother & my niece. Sean & Karissa left for Vegas yesterday. Stop by and wish her luck.

Princess Melissa has a whole new look.

There was an "incident" at Jake's family poker game. He needs some feedback.

I kinda stole borrowed this idea from Brian's Weekend Roundup. Thanks for the fabulous idea, Brian. Your roundup is way better than mine.

Hope everyone else's Sunday is as lazy and unproductive as mine.

Have a nice day!