Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Girls with Tools

I've always considered myself pretty competent with tools. Like all women, sometimes I find uses other than the intended use. Long story short long, I was holding the handle of the screw driver against the wall over the anchor I just sunk and was hitting the handle of the screw driver with the hammer to make the anchor flush with the wall. The first whack, I slightly smooshed my fingers between the screw driver and the wall. I didn't smash them enough that it hurt, just to move my fingers into a "better" position, you know, so they weren't between the screw driver and the wall anymore. With my hand in the "better" position, I hit my finger really hard with the hammer. I managed to hit my finger in a way that, though there were no sharp edges on the hammer, I bruise AND cut it. Like my sister says, A helmet won't help with that.

It is looking a lot better today than it did when the injury was incurred on Thursday.

This is the arrangement that caused the injury.

I stenciled this mirror all by myself.


I have a new renter, and if I'm not mistaken, it's my first boy tenant. Everyone go visit, be friendly, leave comments.

I may post later about my visit to Bartlesville, but I think it'll be hard to beat the funny story I posted on Sunday.