Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I had a fabulous weekend

I had a great time at the lake. There were a couple of firsts. I slept in a tent for the first time. I kayaked for the first time (more on that later). I was up until like 4:00am every night. My friend Michael was there. I always have loads of fun with him. Michael, Karissa, and I killed a fairly large bottle of vodka by ourselves Friday night. After all the grown ups and small children went to bed, we went to the playground (our camp site was right across the street) and swang/swinged? and went down the slide and played on the merry go round. After Karissa went to bed, around 3:30, Michael and I went and stood with our feet in the lake. Sean and Jonah came out on Saturday, and again after the grown ups went to bed there was more drinking. We only drank beer on Saturday night, but I felt way worse Sunday morning than I did on Saturday morning after the vodka. Anyway, it was the first time I had partied with Jonah and my cousin "Bubba". He's 18 now, so we figured it was okay to give him beer.
(Bubba on the left, Jonah on the right)
I think they had just as much fun as I did. Again we went swinging at 2:00am. Bubba climbed on top of the swingset structure. Drunk. But we didn't think about how bad of an idea that was until the next morning.

I didn't file my taxes or finish my paper until late Monday night.