Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You gotta love the crazies...

...if only for their entertainment value. I have a profile posted on an internet dating site. Occasionally, guys will email me, but it never amounts to anything more than a little chit chat. There are some occasions that you do get a crazy though. Well, needless to say, I got a crazy. The first time crazy emailed me, on February 12, this is what he said:

saw your profile and i actually gazed at your pic for a very long time saying could this be the one have been wanting to meet all my life?baby you are an angel,and that is why i am using taking my time to let you know that you are been felt by me,can i get to know you better?kisses from me david.
I responded, on February 15, in what I thought was a very sarcastic way with:
That's really sweet and all, but you're half a country away. How do you see that working?
Notice my response, though sarcastic, was properly capitalized and punctuated. Apparently he didn't realize I was being sarcastic, and didn't take the capitalization and punctuation hint, because today I received this:
hello pretty,
sorry i've been offline in a while it's due to the nature of my job but i guess am a little free for now,have been thinking about you lately and really love to know a bit about you if thats ok with you?i guess i havent felt this way in a long time and i must confess i think am inlove with someone i donot know,but one thing i do believe and that is destiny i guess that's what made me find you here,pls do reply soon as i will be coming back to the states in about a month from now,kisses yours david.

Seriously? He thinks he's in love with me? After that? Okay, my profile (there) SAYS that I'm a Mensan, so apparently he doesn't know what that means if he thinks I'm dumb enough to fall for that shit.

Oh well, it's fun for us to laugh at.