Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A.D.D. Idol

First, my mom says I'm weird because I take notes while I'm watching Idol. Those notes are about to come in really handy though.

Some advice for the contestants: Whether you like or are excited about the theme or not, you're not going to make it to the end if you don't give it your all, go balls to the wall EVERY week.

The guest whatever last night was Kenny Rogers. I grew up on Kenny; I love him. My mom is a huge fan, so I can't help but feel nostalgic when I see him. Usually. Not so much last night. He didn't look too good. I think he's had his eyes done, and the results weren't great. Also, what happened to Kenny's signature feathered hair? Kenny used to have good, no, great hair. He's got to do something about the new look. It's just not right.

On to the singing:

Taylor - Country Road Take Me Home - With a genre as big as country, there were so many songs that would have been better suited for his voice than this one. I'm sad to say it was the worst performance of the night, and he's at risk for elimination.

Mandisa - Any Man of Mine - I love the original version of this song. Mandisa is great, but the advice above is mostly to her. This is a great upbeat fast song that she could have done way better with. I thought it started bad, ended better, but she could have been 1000% better if she'd gotten into it.

Elliot - If Tomorrow Never Comes - I thought it was great, awesome, fabulous, terrific. A really good song choice for him. He showed more of that potential that I mentioned last week. He could quietly win if the other contestants don't step up.

Paris - How Do I Live Without You - This is the Paris that I fell in love with during Hollywood week. The look, the voice, everything. She is greatness.

Ace - I Wanna Cry - He melted my heart again. He tells the story of the song with his eyes.

Kelly - Fancy - Remember last week when I made a list of songs I wanted each artist to sing? Well, I think Kelly may have read that(total wishful thinking), because she sang the song I picked for her, and she did an awesome job. Great performance of the perfect song choice for her.

Chris - Making Memories Of Us - Surprisingly better than I though it would be, and it was nice to hear him do something different. He showed the versatility asked for last week, and even though he was out of his element, he still shined.

Katherine - Bringing Out the Elvis in Me - It was good, sexy, "sultry" as Kenny put it. I think it was the most fun song of the night. I'm back on the McPheever train.

Bucky - Best I Ever Had - It was a really good song choice. I expected a good performance from him on country night, and I wasn't disappointed.

Kelly gets my pick for best of the night, Taylor for worst. It's to that point in the competition where everyone left is good, so I hate to see anyone go.


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