Monday, April 10, 2006

Still a rebellious teenager

My mother and I are currently in the midst of a battle in the war of the strong willed women. Alas, there is no end in sight. No plan to pull out the troops. Just occasional grenade blasts that lead to new battles. The battles are always the same. I'm somewhere other than at home, she calls wants me to come home immediately (whether I'm 30 minutes or 2 hours away) because she has a wild hair up her ass that she can't scratch without my help. I am a rebel at heart. My first reaction when she gets like that is to revert back to the 16-year-old in me and do the exact opposite of what she says.
She's the queen of the guilt trip too. She said something to the extent of, "Oh, yeah, I want to sit at home by myself all weekend." It's not my fault she's sitting at home by herself all weekend! I have a life! It's not my job to entertain her when she's not at work, and it's also not my fault that she's isolated herself and doesn't have any friends!
Our living situation quit being healthy a couple of years ago, but alas, I can't afford to move out. Hopefully that will change soon.
When I was a teenager, I never got into any "real" trouble, but I was definitely "difficult" for a couple of years. My parents smothered me (sorry Dad, but you know it's true), so the first chance I got, I moved out and did almost everything they had ever told me not to.
I didn't used to mind doing things to help my mom out, but she isn't always willing to wait for me to do them on my timetable. She used to get pissed and start doing what she had asked me to do, only she'd be doing it wrong, so I'd end up getting up and finishing it. I learned that trick, and now those days are over.
She asks me to do so much that it's gotten to the point that when she asks me to do something my automatic reaction is no.
My sister understands what I'm going through. Before my mom left Bartlesville, after Leslie was married even, she was my mom's beckon call girl. I don't think my brother really gets it though. He's never had to deal with her to the extent that we have. He's a boy, he always got treated different. Hell, now I'm getting pissed off at him too! Damn it! Now the middle child syndrome is starting to rear it's head! I gotta go.

Hope this makes sense, and hope you're having a better day than I am!