Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ah, two days in a row; it must be a March miracle! I'm having a great day today. Our club is participating in a campus wide voter drive. We aided 68 people in registering to vote! I think voting is wonderful. I also think America is wonderful. I think that America is the greatest country on the planet, and we, as Americans, are all extremely privileged to live in a country that allows us to use our voice, and our voice be heard. It turns out, only 100 people registered to vote for the whole campus. 68 of those were ours! We rock!!!

Jeff Probst is in Oklahoma City today! He was live in the studio on my radio show this evening. I have severe Survivor OCD. I love it. I can't get enough. I get really excited when anything Survivor related happens. Until Survivor: All-Stars started, my favorite was Survivor: Australian Outback. Both of these Survivors have Colby Donaldson, against whom I will judge all men for the rest of my life.
I didn't watch the original Survivor, so until All-Stars, I knew of Richard Hatch and Sue Hawk, but I didn't really know how dynamic their personalities really are. I now know that Richard is one of those guys you love to hate, and believe me, I loved hating him and was kind of disappointed when he got voted off. But, alas, it wasn't Colby going home, so I'm still happy.

Here's my stand on how voting has gone so far:
Tina - I have been angry with Tina ever since she won Australian Outback. Colby ruled the Outback until the final tribal council, and I think that Tina was lazy for riding his coattails for the entire game. That said, I really do like Tina, and I think that it was unfair to vote her out first just because she had won before.
Rudy - Again, I didn't watch the first Survivor, so I had absolutely zero attachment to Rudy, and didn't really care that he got voted off.
Jenna M. - I liked Jenna; I thought she was a good competitor. That said, I think she left for a good reason. She had to go with her gut. Also, she can still say she was never voted off of Survivor.
Rob C. - I love Rob C. I think he's an evil genius. Boston Rob is an ass for orchestrating the removal of Rob C.
Richard - see above.

Here's my stand on who's left:
Jerri - I really think that they need to get rid of Jerri. Jerri is one of those people that you just hate, no love to it. She is an evil conniving bitch, and didn't deserve to be brought back in the first place. If they don't get rid of her soon, she will be Colby's downfall.
Alicia - Alicia is a strong competitor, and was voted out of Australia for that reason. This is a different game, but I still think she is going to go early for that reason.
Amber - Amber was a twit in Australia, is a twit now, and will probably be a twit for the rest of her life. She didn't play the game then, and doesn't really seem to be playing the game now. She got as far as she did in Australia because she was likeable, but has again teamed up with one of the most unlikable players out there. Last time it was Jerri, this time it is Boston Rob. My prediction for Amber is that most of the "threats" will be eliminated, then it will be her time to go.
Jenna L. - Again, first season, no emotional attachment; I don't really care what happens with her as long as she doesn't make it to the final 4. I think she's an idiot.
Boston Rob - He's an ass. That's exactly what I think of Boston Rob. He tries to be smooth, and thinks he has control of the game, but his tribe will get sick of him soon enough, and he'll be gone. I'm not really worried about him making it very far.
Rupert - He is one of the best players to ever play the game. His biggest problem is that he takes everything so personally.
Sue - She's just nasty. Sue is a very abrasive person, who probably won't make it much further than next week, maybe the week after that. I know that she has a huge emotional outburst coming this episode, so that could be the end of her.
Tom - I love Big Tom. He's not the smartest Survivor ever, but he is definitely the funniest. He drinks too much, which could be his downfall, but other than that he's really truly lovable.
Kathy - She was on Marquesas, which I only caught 2 episodes of, so I have not really developed an opinion of her yet, except that she was in on the plotting to vote Colby out last week, so she's got to go.
Shii Ann - I hated her on Thailand because she was a whinny cry baby. I haven't seen that this season, but it'll come soon enough.
Ethan - He's was very good at flying under the radar in Africa. He can't do that this time around because he has a huge "Winner" target on his back. He and Colby may be working together now, which doesn't hurt his cause in my book. He could be around for a little while longer.
Lex - Lex is a good player. He's a strong competitor, but he showed weakness in Africa when he freaked out about who voted against him at the merge. Hopefully he learned from that experience.
Colby - In my book, Colby is one of, if not the greatest player to play this game. Colby should start working on alliances now that will take him to the final two.

My ideal final four: Colby(of course), Big Tom, Ethan, and either Lex or Rupert, these two are interchangeable.

And that's all I've got to say about that!