Monday, March 13, 2006

Carolyn Hart

Author Carolyn Hart is coming to my library! She will be here, at the Rose State College LRC, on April 11 at 3:30 for a Friends of the Library meeting. These meetings are open to the public, so if you're in the area feel free to stop by.


The temperature was in the 70's all weekend. It's 48 degrees right now. You gotta love this Oklahoma weather.


It's Spring Break here in Midwest City, and unlike most, I am not excited about it. Usually I work Sun.-Thurs. 1:00-10:00. I sleep until noon every day. I love my work schedule. During Spring Break, I have to work 8:00-5:00. I got up at 6:30 this morning. It was after 2:00AM before I even went to sleep. Usually I love my job, but this is the one thing I don't like about it.


Check out my new renter. Please. Don't make me beg.