Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My 4.0 isn't as in jeopardy as I thought it was. My instructor gave us all 5 extra points because one of her questions wasn't clear, so I pulled out a 90% on the test.

I was sick yesterday. It was very traumatic. I had to lay on my couch and watch TV all day to get over it.

My neice Sydney's birthday party is this weekend. I'm really excited. It's a princess bowling party. I really like bowling, and I really like my tiara, finally, I get to combine the two.

Visit my renter please. I'm too lazy today to make a link, but it's on the sidebar, you can figure it out.

At several blogs I've visited, I've seen people's lists of 100 things about them. I'm working on my list. Okay, I've been working on the list for a while now, but I will get it done eventually, so you should keep coming back to see if I've finished it yet. :)

Have a nice day!