Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TV recap

NBC has pulled Four Kings from Thursday nights. It's unclear what they'll do with the remaining 6 episodes. {from tvsquad}
They have also pulled Joey from the schedule indefinitely, which means Friends really is over. I'm sad.

If you haven't caught Big Love on HBO yet, you need to. Bill Paxton plays a polygamist with 3 wives. It's pretty funny. They've already aired 2 episodes, but it's HBO, so it will be on again.

Prison Break came back from hiatus last night with an episode that lives up to the intensity expected from this great series. It's looking like they may actually have to execute Lincoln. He lost his last appeal, the governor denied him clemency, they're about to strap him to the chair. Michael is on his way to the viewing room, he's not going to be able to do anything to help from there, hopefully his boys can pull something off.

I caught a little bit of some medical miracles show last night with a guy with a ginormous tongue. It was really gross, but the doctors were able to reduce the size of it by 2/3, so almost the whole thing fit in his mouth.

Don't forget to visit my renter. She's got a link to a really hot guy cleaning house without a shirt.