Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some pictures of my animals :)

This is Chopper with his baby. I think it's a mini beanie baby from McDonalds. He's become very attached to it in the last couple of days. He takes it with him everywhere. He doesn't chew it, he just holds it in his mouth like that.

This is Cheech. He really enjoys a good game of Card Sharks.

Cheech is the only one of my cats that isn't fixed and declawed. He regularly tries to give Mr. Chong some sweet lovin'.
*Warning*: This post contains gay cat porn.

And Mr. Chong just lays there and lets him.

Cheech is also very adventurous.

Mom hollered at me last night, "Amanda, come here, hurry, quick!" So I ran into her room thinking something was wrong. Nothing wrong, just a cat on top of her closet door.

Remember the puppies? This is Pebbles, the one we gave to my grandma.

And these are a couple of my favorite animals ever.

My nephew Panky and my neice Baby Pudge. Isn't Baby Pudge cute?

Panky is really cute too. I call him Panky because Leslie got him a bowl cut a while back and he looked just like Panky* from The Little Rascals.

*I know his name was Spanky, but Buckwheat called him Panky, so I can too. Leslie really didn't like it when I tried to teach him to say otay. :)